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Introducing it combines the benefits of a health club with the exercisemachine comfort and convenience of exercising at home. Using compatible fitness equipment, the workouts from actually control exercisemachine the speed and incline of your workout through the Internet, compact discs or video. A personal trainer designs each workout. You get targeted workouts, motivational personal coaching and music. To find out more, visit today. All -compatible HealthRider treadmills feature the symbol. If you''re like most Americans, you work in a profession that requires little vigorous physical activity. You drive to and from work, and at home you engage exercisemachine in leisure activities like watching TV. The comforts and conveniences of modern society are lulling people into complacency. And it isn''t healthy. Despite the overwhelming evidence that exercise will make you healthier, more than 60 percent of U.S. adults do not engage in the recommended amount of activity. And 25 percent of adults don''t exercise at all.

Putting Things In Motion: Here’s a few good reasons to exercise. Regular physical activity can give you more energy; improve your looks and your self-image. It helps you counter anxiety and depression, helps you cope with stress and even sleep better. Exercise can also help you burn calories so you can lose extra pounds, tone your exercisemachine muscles and help control your appetite. Fight Disease Before It Strikes Exercise is known for its positive effect of conditioning your heart and lungs. But vigorous exercise is linked to many other healthy benefits, as well. Like the prevention of disease. Did you know that exercise could reduce your risk for coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes, depression, lower back pain and arthritis? exercisemachine Plus, many studies show that your probability of death from cancer and other causes increases significantly as your level of physical activity decreases. The Benefits of Physical Activity.

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